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Insect Creations - Useful Site Hints
Welcome to Insect Creations. By briefly reviewing the following information you will be able to take advantage of the many features this site has to offer. Extensive use is made of pictures as "a picture is worth a thousand words". Depending on your internet connection speed you may find that some pages take 30 seconds to several minutes or more to download. Your patience is appreciated as our customer's tell us the end result is worth the wait.
General Site Hints
Animated graphics (example to right) are used to display sample pics for each menu selection where they are used. These are intended to aid you in knowing if you are interested in viewing that category/selection.
(Note: Each animated picture index contains just a few samples of possibly 100's in each category)
Drop down menus (example to right) are used to conserve valuable screen space. When you click on a selection you will automatically jump to that selections main page. If you wish to return you may use your Browser's BACK button and/or simply use the links to the left when they are available.
This site is in the process of using the eBay PayPal Shopping Cart software. If you are not currently signed up for Paypal it will guide you through the process once you are ready to "check out" and pay for your purchases. By using the Ebay Paypal service we are assured full support and security for all transactions which we know are important to you. If you are still uncomfortable with providing secure information over the internet then please feel free to use the Printable Order Form available from the links page and mail us your order either through the Post Office or via e-mail to
Butterfly/Moth - Useful Hints

All butterflies and moths are broken out into their family genus. In the future an alphabetized complete inventory list (in text) will be available to speed your search for specific specimen(s). For now all specimens within each family are listed in alphabetical order and you must search by family. See Butterflies & Moths.

Numerous butterflies and moths contain a number of purchase and framing options which you will become familiar with once you use the site.

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