Standard Mounting Information

POLICY: The TRACYSSHOP.COM mounting policy is that NO payment is required (unless a first time buyer) until you have approved the mount(s). A picture index of the mount(s) will be provided to you upon completion. The picture index will include detailed pictures of all completed items prior to shipment in order to insure you, our customer, is happy with the end product prior to payment.

Once customer approves the finished (framed) specimens then shipment is made and payment is sent. In this way we avoid the sight unseen shipment and insure you will be happy with your specimens. If customer is still not happy after receiving shipment, returns are allowed, on any items shipped, however return postage is not paid. Tracysshop will then either replace or refund depending on customer wish.

Well, you're thinking about buying a butterfly or moth and having it framed. If you are, we offer a wide variety of choices, and in order for you to make an informed purchase we have provided the following samples to help you. If you still have purchasing questions please feel free to contact us at Tracysshop.

Some terms to be familiar with are:

Recto - the top or inside of the specimen is displayed for view
Verso - the bottom or underside(outside) of the specimen is displayed for view
Recto/Verso - for those specimens where both sides are appealing a mount is created showing both recto & verso sides using 2 specimens. If you choose this option please be sure to change Order Qty to 2 .

Starter mounting kits are also available. They come complete with 10 butterflies (really cool ones which are easy to mount and which would cost well over $100 to buy already mounted) and a top quality mounting board (similar to those used in the Butterfl*eye* workshop). The kit price of $40 also includes instructions on softening and mounting and you may call me anytime with any questions (even to talk you through your first one). A really cool gift for a child (I suggest ages 10 and up) or even an adult looking to save money on mounting fees. If interested please send an e-mail for more information.

Standard frames use affordable Riker style mounts which are black embossed cardboard frames with a glass viewing area. Most specimens can be mounted with either side showing (recto or verso). It will be clear when you choose to purchase an item which side will be displayed.
Urania Ripheus
Recto mounted

Urania Ripheus
Verso Mounted
Recto/Verso mounts can be done for those butterflies or moths which have a beautiful recto and verso side. This is a very popular option for a number of butterflies in particular. An example of this type of mount can be seen to the right. If you don't see a specific mount available for purchase send us an e-mail and ask for a quote.
Callicore Cynosaura (both sides)