Custom Mounting Information

POLICY: The Insect Creations custom mounting policy is that a 50% down payment (of agreed price) is required in order to start the work. . A picture index of the mount(s) will be provided to you upon completion. The picture index will include detailed pictures of all completed items prior to shipment in order to insure you, our customer, is happy with the end product prior to final payment.

Once customer approves the finished (framed) specimens then shipment is made and remaining 50% payment is sent. In this way we avoid the sight unseen shipment and insure you will be happy with your specimens. If customer is still not happy after receiving shipment, returns are allowed on any items shipped, however return postage is not paid. Insect creations reserves the right to charge a 10% fee to cover re-marketing of the frame to other buyers.

Well, you're thinking about buying a butterfly or moth or insect (or several for that matter) and having it/them custom framed . If you are, we offer a wide variety of choices, and in order for you to make an informed purchase we have provided the following samples to help you. If you still have purchasing questions please feel free to contact us.

Special Note: Although we do not offer this option through our shopping cart software we also do small to large custom wood mounts or acrylic mounts containing specific butterflies which you pick out. People choose color schemes, sizes, families (ex. a Morpho family mix) etc. It's fun to put together a frame as a gift for that special someone. For now the best option is to review the pictures on this site picking out those you would like mounted together and send the specimen names in an e-mail so we can discuss a price for the mount. Please feel free to call us at 610-613-4273 as well if you like. We enjoy speaking with our customers about building/creating a new custom frame.

Some terms to be familiar with are:

Recto - the top or inside of the specimen is displayed for view
Verso - the bottom or underside(outside) of the specimen is displayed for view
Recto/Verso - for those specimens where both sides are appealing a mount is created showing both recto & verso sides using 2 specimens. If you choose this option please be sure to change Order Qty to 2 .

Custom Frames are made special by us in our woodshop. We only make wood frames and can make them out of oak, cherry, walnut, maple, poplar, pine, etc and stain them to any color you prefer. Our typical custom wood frames are made of cherry or walnut and stained in a natural brown with a finish coat of lacquer and then hand buffed with wax to bring out the shine. Again we are flexible and when you purchase a custom frame we will have a dialog with you to insure we get the right style, size and color to suit your needs. Frame options are see-thru or mirrored backs as seen in the picture examples to the right.
See-thru (clear glass) back

Mirrored back shadow box
Recto/Verso mounts can be done for those butterflies or moths which have a beautiful recto and verso side. This is a very popular option for a number of butterflies in particular. An example of this type of mount can be seen to the right. If you don't see exactly what you want for sale please contact us with your idea(s) as all things are possible.
Callicore Cynosaura (both sides)
Custom made wood frames are also available which allow you to insert your black "Riker style" frame into them to hide the black and give you that wood frame look with the protection offered by the Riker frame. Click here for more details.

These come in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, lacewood and any other wood you may want. These wood frame accomodate the following Riker frame sizes (4x5, 5x6, 6x8, 8x12, 8x14 and 12x16).

Example of Riker frame being inserted into custom wood frame
View samples of "special order" custom mounts not available for purchase via the shopping cart software but which can be created by us simply by speaking with you about your ideas.

Please call us at 610-613-4273 to speak about giving us an opportunity to create an awesome custom "one of a kind" display of one of nature's wonders.

Custom 20x30 mix for a bedroom

Troides Hypolitus male/female custom mount with see-thru back

We can also create unique designs using picture frame matting as well. Imagine it, we'll create it.