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Each specimen you will view on the next page (see sample below) will come individually mounted (recto side showing unless specified) in a black "Riker style" frame and labelled (on the back) with specimen name and info and is ready for hanging. There are 100's of pics of items for sale for your viewing pleasure so please be patient as the items download. We hope you will not be disappointed with the variety. Any of the Riker style frames you will view may also be ordered in a variety of wood see thru style frames which are also very popular, but more expensive. Feel free to view a custom wood frame example. For those specimens where boths sides are attractive a recto (front) and verso (bottom) side view is provided. Please note that the specimens are NOT in alphabetical order.

These frames make great gifts for children or grandchildren, birthdays, weddings or special events such as graduation or church. Each specimen is guaranteed to be of top quality and buy with confidence as your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We will either replace your specimen or refund your purchase price in full.

Most specimens are in stock and can be shipped in less than 1 week, however there may be an occasion where shipping may take longer. If you are in need of receiving your order right away please note that at checkout. Once you place an order you will be notified immediately of the status of your order and when you may expect it to ship. All frames are mounted with the recto view unless specifically requested otherwise.

Note: If you find my specimens for sale for less by another internet company I will send the same to you for free. That's my price guarantee!! By keeping my costs down I can pass along the savings to you.


Graphium Weiskei
recto viewverso view

My best selling specimen due to its wonderful wing designs and colors. Top quality fresh specimens from a butterfly farm in Papua New Guinea. These make great gifts.
4x5 frame