I would like to welcome you to my internet site and hope you feel a little more like one of my customer family after reading the following.

I used to collect butterflies when I was young (back in the early 70's) and still have a few of the frames I made back in the 70's. From my international travels (work related) I hooked up with various suppliers of lepidoptera and other insects and decided to try my hand again at mounting butterflies for myself. Well people at work took notice and wanted to buy some from me, then their friends and so on. I researched on ebay for many monhs and found that people were actually buying butterflies and moths in frames that I was doing for myself. I decided to go public on ebay with some of my material in September 2002. I now have about 15 various suppliers who provide me with quality A1 material at the very best prices. By working with so many suppliers I can negotiate better prices and pass the savings on to my customers. It is my goal to have the best prices on the internet for framed butterflies, moths and insects and to even be competetive in the custom frame market as well. I have also received my U.S. Fish and Wildlife permit to allow me to legally import butterflies and moths from other countries.

Somewhat to my surprise I was mildly successful right away and over time began to build a customer base who came to trust my product quality and my commitment to customer satifaction and service. Today, I have sold butterflies and moths to thousands of customers and continue to get new ones every week. One of the true signs of my quality and price are the large number of repeat customers and those who find me via word of mouth from friends & family. I pride myself with my product quality and price and I am so convinced you will agree that I offer a FREE PRODUCT POLICY. If you find the same product I create offered by another internet competitor for less simply let me know and I will offer it to you for FREE!!

We also continue to expand our show schedule to include arts & crafts shows, fairs, and continue to expand our mall show setups for the holidays. With our extensive show schedule we have developed quite a following for our work and we look forward to meeting new friends and old ones at each of our shows. It is our long term goal to expand the business further into the wholesale area so if you are a store owner please feel free to contact us for our wholesale pricing for quantity orders.

Since I did not initially have a web site of my own I decided to use my ex-wife's since I maintained it for her anyway. That's how my butterfly business began as Tracysshop.com. In early 2004 I created a new business name which I felt was more descriptive of the work which I did. I decided to name the business Insect Creations to signify the creativity and uniqueness of designs I wanted to create using real "dead" insects. I made the decision early on to use lots of pictures in the creation of my site depsite possibly slow download times. As time goes on the speeds will increase and I hope you will be better able to take advantage of my decision to create a pictorially extensive site. When I am done re-designing the site I will have one of the best pictorially intensive sites on the web for actual butterfly/moth/insect pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words and we will use that philosophy in our future designs. My pictures will be REAL photos of actual specimens for sale and will NOT be digitally enhanced with any of today's photo shop type editors.

Stop by and visit the workshop located in Punxsutawney, PA or our store in Intercourse (near Lancaster PA in the heart of the Amish country). You can then proudly tell everyone that you got your "bugs from Intercourse"!!

We hope you will consider becoming a new member of the Insect Creations customer family through making a purchase or simply by asking us to add your name to our mailing list. Whatever the reason for visiting my site please feel free to use the information and pictures on this site to suit your needs as it is not only a commercial site but an educational one as well for your children.

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